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This page provides a guide to interface ISizeCalculation and its related classes.

Namespace: Gma.QrCodeNet.Encoding.Windows.Render


ISizeCalculation is interface for different print size style. Classes that uses this interface are FixedCodeSize and FixedModuleSize.

FixedCodeSize: This class is for people who want to draw QrCode at constant size.
FixedModuleSize: This class is for people who want to draw QrCode at constant module size. (Check QrCode info for information about module.)


Name Description
ISizeCalculation Initialize a new instance of interface
FixedCodeSize Initialize a new instance of FixedCodeSize class.
FixedModuleSize Initialize a new instance of FixedModuleSize class.


Name Description
GetSize Get DrawingSize struct for input matrix width


using Gma.QrCodeNet.Encoding.Windows.Render;

FixedCodeSize fCodeSize = new FixedCodeSize(200, QuietZoneModules.Two); //ISize, QrCode will be draw at 200 pixels x 200 pixels with quiet zone size at two. 
fCodeSize.QuietZoneModules = QuietZoneModules.Four;   //Change quiet zone size to four. 

DrawingSize dSize = fCodeSize.GetSize(21);    //21 is version 1 QrCode's width. GetSize method will be use by Renderer, it's not something people will be using during coding. 

FixedModuleSize fModuleSize = new FixedModuleSize(20, QuietZoneModules.Two);

//fModuleSize will cause Renderer to draw version 1 QrCode at width 462 pixels x 462 pixels. 
//Version 1 QrCode 21 modules for width.  21 * 20 + 2 * 20. 

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