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This page provides a guide for us QrCodeImgControl. (After Check-in 15097)

Namespace: Gma.QrCodeNet.Encoding.Windows.Forms


public class QrCodeImgControl : PictureBox


QrCodeImgControl is WinForm control.

QrCodeImgControl uses GraphicsRenderer to generate image to memory stream, then extract back to PictureBox, then let PictureBox to handle all the stretch, repaint.

Performance is good, no matter which version of QrCode is on display. It's just display a well craft image file. It doesn't have to read whole BitMatrix when control needs to be repaint. Cons of this implementation is memory. It will take some memory to store the image file. Width and height of image is very close to control's size.


Name Description
QrCodeImgControl Initializes a new instance of QrCodeImgControl class.


Name Description
Lock Lock class, changes to Text or ErrorCorrectLevel property won't update QrCode.
Unlock Unlock class and re-encode, then recreate image file if not freezed
Freeze Freeze class, changes to any visual properties won't recreate image.
UnFreeze Unfreeze class and recreate the image
GetQrMatrix Return clone of Bitmatrix for QrCode. Bitmatrix value is null if text is empty or text is too large.
OnDarkBrushChanged Raises when DarkBrush's value changed
OnLightBrushChanged Raises when LightBrush's value changed
OnQuietZoneModuleChanged Raises when QuietZoneModule value changed
OnErrorCorrectLevelChanged Raises when ErrorCorrectLevel value changed
OnQrMatrixChanged Raises after re-encode QrMatrix


Name Description
DarkBrush Brush for dark modules
LightBrush Brush for light modules
QuietZoneModule Number of modules for width of Quiet Zone
ErrorCorrectLevel Error correction level for QrCode encode
Text Input string for QrCode
IsFreezed Boolean state if class is freezed
IsLocked Boolean state if class is locked


Name Description
DarkBrushChanged Occurs when DarkBrush changes
LightBrushChanged Occurs when LightBrush changes
QuietZoneModuleChanged Occurs when QuietZoneModule changes
ErrorCorrectLevelChanged Occurs when ErrorCorrectLevel changes
QrMatrixChanged Occurs when re-encode, and BitMatrix changes


using Gma.QrCodeNet.Encoding.Windows.Forms;
using Gma.QrCodeNet.Encoding; //Import this only if you want to extract bitmatrix.

QrCodeImgControl qrControl = new QrCodeImgControl ();

//control update text then encode and recreate Image.
qrControl.Text = "QrCode.Net";

BitMatrix qrMatrix = qrControl.GetQrMatrix(); //Qr bit matrix for input string "QrCode.Net".

qrControl.Lock();  //Lock class.
qrControl.ErrorCorrectLevel = ErrorCorrectionLevel.M;  //It won't encode and recreate image.
qrControl.Text = "next test";
qrMatrix = qrControl.GetQrMatrix(); //Qr bit matrix for input string "QrCode.Net".
qrControl.QuietZoneModule = QuietZoneModules.Zero;  //Control will recreate image, but Bitmatrix is still for "QrCode.Net" input string. 
qrControl.Unlock(); //Unlock class, re-encode and repaint. 

qrMatrix = qrControl.GetQrMatrix(); //Qr bit matrix for input string "next test".

qrControl.Freeze() //Freeze class.
qrControl.DarkBrush = Brushes.Red; //It won't recreate image.
qrControl.Text = "freeze test"; //Control will re-encode, but won't recreate image right away. 
qrMatrix = qrControl.GetQrMatrix();  //QrCode matrix for string "Freeze test"
qrControl.UnFreeze(); //Recreate Image

qrControl.LightBrush = Brushes.Yellow;  //It won't recreate image.
qrControl.Text = "Lock and Freeze test";  //Control won't re-encode.
qrMatrix = qrControl.GetQrMatrix();  //QrCode matrix is still for string "Freeze test"
qrControl.Unlock();    //Unlock class, re-encode QrCode but won't recreate image
qrControl.Unfreeze();  //UnFreeze class, recreate image.

//If lock and freeze together. Always Unlock before Unfreeze. Else it will recreate image twice. 

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